Add a Ceramic Car Coating to Your Vehicle

Add a Ceramic Car Coating to Your Vehicle

Bring your car to our auto body shop in Owensboro, KY

By getting a ceramic car coating put on your vehicle, you'll protect the paint from oxidation and scratches. After your initial consultation in Owensboro, Kentucky, we'll wash your car, correct any damages to the paint and apply your semi-permanent ceramic car coating.

Set up your initial consultation with us today to prevent vehicle damage.

We have 4 different warranty levels for your service

Austin's Affordable Detailing guarantees our services through and through. When you come into our shop for a ceramic car coating, you can choose between four different warranty levels. We offer a:

  1. One-year warranty
  2. Three-year warranty
  3. Five-year warranty
  4. Lifetime warranty

Get a top-quality auto ceramic coating service at our shop in Owensboro, Kentucky. Schedule your consultation by calling 270-925-6597 today.